Issa and Gizele’s Hawaiian themed soccer party

Hawaiian Luau

Issa and Gizele held their birthday party on July 13 the Surprise package to accommodate their large party of friends and family. The theme for their party was “Hawaiian Luau”.

Make it your own!

We provided all of the table coverings, paper goods and balloons for their party in colors of their choosing. They chose yellow for their paper goods and a variety of colors for their balloons. They jazzed up their party decorations by scattering the tables with colored leis and Hawaiian decorations.

What Issa and Gizele did that was great was they made the party their own by bringing in an assortment of treats and setting up their own candy bar, where individual candy favors were picked out by each of their guests.

Another fun thing they did was they rented additional time on the soccer field so that the adults in the party could have their own soccer scrimmage. Parents want to play too!