Five-a-side soccer, or Futsal, is different than the boarded indoor soccer typically played in hockey arenas in the United States, and more closely resembles large-field soccer.

Unlike boarded indoor soccer, players playing Futsal cannot bounce a ball off a wall to pass the ball to a teammate or get around an opponent. Touchlines and goal lines define the field of play and the players must keep the ball in play as well as deal with the smaller playing area which requires quicker passing and reliance on skill.

While Futsal and regular 11-a-side soccer are similar in terms of touchlines and goal lines, the differences make for a much faster game.


Soccer vs. Futsal

11-a-Side Soccer
Field is 150 - 300 feet wide and 300 - 390 feet long Field is 48 - 81 feet wide and 81 - 138 feet long
Size 5 ball Size 4 ball with 30% less bounce
11 players 5 players
3 substitutions requiring stoppage Unlimited change during play
Throw-in Kick-in
Running clock - 45 minute halves Running clock -25 minute halves
No time-outs 1 time-out per half
Goal kicks Goal clearance (throw)
Some contact allowed No shoulder charges or slide tackling
No absolute time limit on restart 4 second rule on restarts
Offside rule No Offside rule
Goalkeeper steps No restrictions but limited to 4 seconds
No sub for player called off (red card) Player sent off can be replaced after 2 minutes have elapsed or opponent scores a goal
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